Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dodgeball Anyone?!?!?

The newest "family game night" fun is to play dodgeball! I bought the boys little balls from the Alamo when I went to Texas for a training last month. Little did I know, the $10 I spent on the balls would be better than Wii and DS games for sure! Oh, and yes they do play in the house! Neesa called the other night during a game, one I was actually a part of, and she said "didn't mom always say don't play ball in the house?" I told her only on the Brady Bunch and we are the farthest thing from Carol and Mike Brady! :-)

Here are a few pics of the boys playing. I didn't get too many action shots because they move so fast! I do love when Brandon gets out because I am usually on the couch refereeing the 3 boys and he rubs my feet! That is a great part of the game and I love that he pampers me sometimes, since Adam has forgotten that and reverted back to his younger days with his 2 new BFF's!

Me and Little Man... He loves to get his picture taken and wants to take one with me all the time. This is during Dodgeball Half Time

Cody excited he had a direct hit on Dad!

My clone the show off!

Attack on Dad!!!

Sweaty Adam firing at the boys!

Great bonding time for a family full of boys and one Tom-Boy!

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  1. Seriously...every kid in the world is going to want you as their parents when this gets out! Love it:) Keep having fun with those adorable boys!!!