Sunday, October 31, 2010

Still in love with elephants!

Somethings just don't change and I know I will forever be in love with elephants! I just wanted to share that one of our boys sleeps with the elephant that my dear friends got for me when so many cards were sent to Adam and I along with prayers! Who knew in just a few months after receiving it, a 7 year old sweetheart of ours would be sleeping with it?!?!How ironic is it that? When I am allowed upload pics, I will show you how adorable he looks with it! :)

Now, check out my favorite costume of this Halloween season! When I saw Elliott in this costume I couldn't stop smiling! (Yes, I think Elliott is getting ready to smile, don't you? :) )If the boys would have let me, I would have dressed them as elephants! Elephants still symbolize what all we've been through and how much prayers of dear friends got us through such a hard time in our lives. Any time I see one, I still smile and am reminded of how prayers and faith can get you through the darkest hours. Just wanted to share that elephants are still the coolest animals around! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

God Still Answers Prayer

I am sure most people have heard our wonderful news. There are a lot of rules going on, so I cannot reveal too much on the internet but I just couldn't wait any longer to share on my blog how much we have been blessed!!

Let me start from the beginning, but again I cannot say names, etc. but I do want to share our story.

Before school started Neesa, Katie and I were at Target when we saw two brothers who had been at our school previously and they came up and asked us if we had seen them on TV, because they had been on MidDay live and were wanting to be adopted. That stuck with me. I prayed for God to send a sign if I was supposed to do something about this because I couldn't stop thinking about these two boys. I knew a baby was all Adam and I could think about and wanted at the time, but I just felt so strongly about this. I never told anyone about it. Well, about 4 days later Allie and I were out to eat and she started telling me that our aunt had seen two boys on MidDay and she wished we could adopt them. I immediately started to search for a video or something I could show Adam.

Finally, I found a video on WBKO (no it's not on there anymore) of the boys. I showed it to Adam and I said "Adam I want them." He in turn said "call." We then began calling and went through a lot of meetings, etc. and decided to adopt these boys. (That's a shortened version.)

So, for the last month, we have been on a visitation schedule, where we get to be with them twice a week and then they are staying the weekends with us. They are 7 & 9 and we are completely in love with them. I love them just as much as if I had carried them for 9 months. And yes, they look exactly like Adam!

Things are going exceptionally well, which I believe is all because this is God's plan. Adam and I have never been so happy and the emptiness we felt in our hearts for so long has been filled. As of December 17th, the boys will be in our home all the time. Then everything should be finalized by the end of February or beginning of March, meaning they'll take our last name and we'll be "officially" their parents.

When I am allowed to, I will post pics and much more about the boys. There are so many rules, etc. so this is all I can share at this time, but I want to thank everyone for the prayers you have prayed for our family. We continue to need those prayers that this will all be as smooth a transition as possible for our boys and us.

Love to you all!