Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Elephant, It's Me Emily

So, do you see any resemblance between me and this elephant? Physically, I hope not, but....
today I got an email from Anne, and I quote "YOUR HOME STUDY HAS BEEN APPROVED AND WAS SIGNED OFF ON TODAY. YOU ARE OFFICIALLY WAITING!" So we are waiting for a call. Maybe months, maybe years, but I know God has the perfect child picked out for us and we'll be so excited when that day comes when we can hold our precious baby! Just had to share! This is actually OFFICIAL! WAHOO!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things That Make You Go HMMM...

After reading my post about the names we would use for a boy or girl, a friend of mine from school posed a great question... "What if you got twins and it's two girls or two boys... what other names would you use?" OH GOODNESS! We have been planning a family for so many years and had just settled on 2 names, but that thought never occurred to me! So, after much thought and consideration, if we are blessed enough to have twins (I know you moms out there are thinking I am nuts to say blessed to have twins, but in our case that would be AMAZING!) we would name the boys "Carter Daniel" and "Cooper Thomas." Cooper because we like that name and Thomas for my Grandfather's middle name. If we had twin girls we would do "Ava Kinser" and "Kate Holland." Kate because we like that and Holland for my mom's maiden name. I told mom this and she is now hoping for twin girls! :) Each name we have chosen have first names we like but middle names with a family tie to them. I've always wanted to connect our supportive families to our children.
So, not that this matters to any of you who are reading this, but these are the little things that keep me going as we are trying to patiently await a call about receiving our precious gift from God.

Monday, February 1, 2010

All that Wasted $ on Birth Control & Pregnancy Tests!!!

I have been dying to use that title and thought this would be a good time to use it.
I added up all those years of birth control and approximate amount I spent on wasted pregnancy tests and it was.... over $2,000.00!!!! Such a waste of money!!! If I had only known then what I know now, I'd be rich! :)All this and I am reading a binder that is telling me how adoption is double the cost of natural child birth. So... let me tell you why I am thinking about all of this.
I emailed Anne and asked since I hadn't heard from her if that meant we were all squared away... well I got a response from her today and it made me say "UGH!!!!" She named 4 more things we were in need of doing! I mean come on... I need to learn not to ask and maybe they'll forget to tell me things and then we'll just slide on through! The first 3 things on the list are easy things to get done and send in. Most of which I got done today. But then there is this binder (the one from my first post) that is one of those 5-6 inches thick ones that we are supposed to read! Yes, we have to have read all of the articles and things in there before our names are officially on the "waiting list."
Well, I had already read a little, but they are calling this "11 hour credit" which means they think it will take us 11 hours to read it all!!! OH LORD!!! I am just having to read the articles and sum it up for Adam as he is WAAAAY more ADD/ADHD than I am and he can't do this!
So, I just needed to vent for a while to my blogger friends. I am usually a pretty
calm person who can handle things, but I am just about to explode! Thanks for listening!!!