Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Happenings

I haven't posted or been on "Blogger World" in a while so I thought I would play a little catch-up. First, I deleted my other blog... I honestly forgot I had it and I think most people did too. This will be the only one I have, so I might have other things besides baby news on here.

For our summer vacation we went to Disney World. We took Mom and Dad with us too! We had an absolute BLAST! We loved going while we don't have children so we could do the things we love without having to do what the kids want... sounds selfish I know, but since we are waiting for kids, we think being selfish is sometimes OK. :) One day I am sure we'll take our children and love it then too, but this was nice too!

Then when we got back, Mom, Allie and I went to a Paul McCartney concert... yes I said Paul McCartney who is 68 years old from the Beatles. Now, Mom has been OBSESSED with Paul since she was 13 and has been dying to see him in concert. So, being the wonderful daughters we are, Allie and I went with her. I wasn't expecting much, but WOW was I surprised! Paul can rock more than any band I can think of! He played for 3 solid hours and it was like a major rock concert! I would totally go back to see him again... much to mom's happiness! She was like a teenager all over again and seeing her so happy made it all worth while!

Here are the pics from our trip and the concert.

Deep down, I am a Princess! :)

My new best friend Yoda.

Mom and I LOVE 3D!!!!

My sweet parents

My home away from home :)

While we were in Florida, Adam and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary! He has given me the best 7 years of my life! I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband!

Allie and I love to rock it out! We actually taught mom a few things... you'll see in the next pic.

Yes, our mom ROCKS!!!

We had to eat at Spaghetti Factory before we saw Paul!

This could've been my dad if only he'd met mom in the 60's! LOL