Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrating Cody's 10th "Season"

Today my sweet Cody turned 10! We had a UK themed party tonight and celebrated his 10th "season." It was a blast being with all our family and friends. The most entertaining part of the night was Brandon being Justin Beiber and my nieces being the "backup babes." :-) I got plenty of video but won't post that until I need it to get revenge on Brandon when he is dating! LOL There were also dance contests, many flips, and lots of "it's my turn next" going on tonight!

I love birthdays and am so glad to get to begin a new and awesome year with my wonderful family! Here are some pictures from tonight. I am so thankful that God has given us these two precious gifts that we get to celebrate life with everyday!

Me and my big baby!

Eli and Brandon... this will be a pic we use for their graduation parties! ;-)

Dad with his "mini me"

This picture needs no words.... Aunt Allie is the COOLEST!! We did decide Aunt Allie and Uncle Daniel need to keep the boys and then all 5 girls on Friday nights since they were the ones who got the kids WILD!!! You can tell they didn't have to take the kids home with them!

Blowing out the candles...

Here is the cake that Gina Howard, our food service coordinator in Warren Co., made for me. It was not only ADORABLE but VERY YUMMY!! You can't tell from this pic, but the basketball was 3-D and was AMAZING!!!

Mollie, Hallie, Macy and Eli during the dance contest!

Cody, Brandon, Mollie, and Macy again during the dance contest judging!

What a fantastic night! Happy 10th Season my precious Cody Daniel!!!


  1. Happy 10th Season!!! Looks like a champion of a night:)

  2. The girls are still talking about the party! When Allie is ready let me know....We'll all go out to dinner while she dances with them.ha!