Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Best Christmas Ever :)

Well we have just concluded the Best Christmas Adam and I have had in our 7 years of marriage! (And yes, we do have a 9 year old LOL!) I just wanted to share a few pics from our special day. Last night we went to Grandmother and Papa's for the Cassady Christmas. Today my family came to our house. This was a special occasion because my cousins from Orlando and Atlanta were in and got to spend Christmas with us. It's not very often we all get together, so that is another great gift we received this year.

Here is the best picture I think of the Cassady Family Cousins! The silly faces are the best because it's the picture the kids don't mind doing!

The lovely morning look picture! :)

Here are the boys with Lauren and Rachel, two of our cousins from Atlanta.

Here's "Little Man" and me :) Now I know everyone says the boys look just like Adam, but I do see a resemblance here!

Here is our family of 4! What a difference from last year to this year :)

Here is our family. Mom said "Finally, our family has grown!" :)

What a way to end the day with a little snow man! We loved our White Christmas and hope you did too!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meet the Cassady's

I got the OK to say names on here and post pictures, so here are a few pics of our new family! (yes I know, they look just like Adam!) These are just a couple of our favorites. I will be adding more later I am sure. Cody and Brandon have completed our home and made us the happiest people in the world! God has truly blessed us this year! It was just a year ago we were meeting with Anne for the first time to get approved for adoption! We found out that if all goes well with lawyers, paperwork, etc. we might get to have our "gotcha" court date the last Wednesday in February!

These 4 have quickly become the Fantastic Four! Alicia and I have waited a long time to share "the boys" stories!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My First Day as a "Real Mom"

So, we picked up the boys last night to begin our "Forever Family." I took off today so Adam and I could attend the boys Christmas parties at school. This morning I got up, got the boys ready and drove them to school. (yes 30 min both ways, so I am glad that is the only time I have to do that!) I was totally excited to be a parent in the car rider line, instead of the teacher greeting the students getting out of the car rider line!

I then proceed to come home and get more wrapping done since I am seeing so many hours dwindling away lately (imagine that!) As I am wrapping my cell phone rings. I notice it is a school number, so all I can think is "Oh no! What have they done already?" I answer and it is my youngest son's teacher. She said he has been really worried that I don't know what time the Christmas party is. Then she giggles and says "He said he didn't think you knew what time the party started, because you are a first time mom and didn't know these things!" :) She and I both had a good laugh at that one! But I realized he bugged her enough she called me, so he really does think I don't know anything since I am a "first time mom!"

So if you think I don't know anything being a "first time mom," you are probably right, at least according to "little man" as I call him :)

Monday we are having yet another home visit from the agency so hopefully I can start using names and post some pics. :) I will at least attempt to ask that question!

Anyway, just wanted to share my first morning day as a "Mom" (a mom who doesn't know much though!) :) I am sure I will have more interesting stories once we have a full day under our belts!