Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrating Cody's 10th "Season"

Today my sweet Cody turned 10! We had a UK themed party tonight and celebrated his 10th "season." It was a blast being with all our family and friends. The most entertaining part of the night was Brandon being Justin Beiber and my nieces being the "backup babes." :-) I got plenty of video but won't post that until I need it to get revenge on Brandon when he is dating! LOL There were also dance contests, many flips, and lots of "it's my turn next" going on tonight!

I love birthdays and am so glad to get to begin a new and awesome year with my wonderful family! Here are some pictures from tonight. I am so thankful that God has given us these two precious gifts that we get to celebrate life with everyday!

Me and my big baby!

Eli and Brandon... this will be a pic we use for their graduation parties! ;-)

Dad with his "mini me"

This picture needs no words.... Aunt Allie is the COOLEST!! We did decide Aunt Allie and Uncle Daniel need to keep the boys and then all 5 girls on Friday nights since they were the ones who got the kids WILD!!! You can tell they didn't have to take the kids home with them!

Blowing out the candles...

Here is the cake that Gina Howard, our food service coordinator in Warren Co., made for me. It was not only ADORABLE but VERY YUMMY!! You can't tell from this pic, but the basketball was 3-D and was AMAZING!!!

Mollie, Hallie, Macy and Eli during the dance contest!

Cody, Brandon, Mollie, and Macy again during the dance contest judging!

What a fantastic night! Happy 10th Season my precious Cody Daniel!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We "Got Em'"

Today was a HUGE day in the Cassady household! We got the boys up and gave them their "gotcha day" presents, which were Bibles with their new names engraved on them, and then we got ready and off we went to the courthouse for our hearing.

When we got there we had to wait about 30 minutes, but in the process got to see how much love our boys are going to have the rest of their lives! The judge was definitely shocked when so many people showed up for our hearing! Nana, Gramps, Grandmother, Papa, my Aunt Margie, Aunt Allie, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Stephanie, Maggie, (Uncle Marty is away on business or we know he would have been there) Aunt Staffanne, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Drew, Alicia (who should be called Aunt),(Aunt Catherine was definitely with us in spirit!) Amy, the first lady I talked to about the boys in August, Erin, the boys previous therapist, Michaelle, another state worker who has won our hearts, and Misty, who has been with the boys since Brandon was just a few months old! She said I was adopting her kids today and I am so thankful for her and all of the staff we have worked with and for what they have been able to do for our boys! Our lawyer and the boys lawyer were there too and we appreciate how much they did for us in getting the court date set so soon after papers were filed!!

I promised myself I would not cry because this was just making it legal, my boys have been "my boys" since the day we met them. Well, I broke the promise I made to myself! The judge asked what the boys names were going to be now and I couldn't say them loudly because I was crying! It was something about saying Cody Daniel Cassady and Brandon Thomas Cassady aloud in front of a judge and all of these wonderful people that made me realize how much God has blessed our home. Mom was hugging me bye today and said "I love you Emily, do you know how much?" and for the first time ever I said "I am beginning to mom." I never knew how much you could love a child. One of the best parts of today was when our lawyer said "you understand you are taking responsibility for these children as if you had given birth to them" and my heart was just happy because I couldn't love them anymore than if I had given birth to them.

Here are a few snapshots of the day. So many friends and family took pictures so I am sure I will have more to add on here and to my scrapbook! (Which I guess I need to work on!)

My precious friends at school made our family this precious cake. Thanks Neesa, Katie, and Mechelle!!!

Here are all of us crowded around the judge! The pic is far away so we could all get in it!

Here are the 4 of us with the judge. He gave the boys stuffed animals for today! How precious!?!?!

Here is the back of the UK shirt Nana, Gramps, Aunt Allie, and Uncle Daniel got for the boys.

Here's Brandon's shirt.

Mom and Dad bought me this necklace with the word Forever Family 2-23-11 on the back... check out the front on the next pic

It has two boys on the front, I love it! Mom and Dad also bought Adam a new pocket knife with today's date engraved on it.

We also received a gift certificate to Carter Lumber from Marty and Stephanie for our future tree house! I am excited the boys are going to get one, only hurt that Adam has said it is FOR BOYS ONLY! :) I am hoping they'll make an exception for mommy's!

I am feeling so blessed today and am so thankful for the prayers of my friends, which I believe is the only reason we are where we are today, through the power of prayer!

Happy Gotcha Day Cody and Brandon!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wednesday is "Gotcha Day"

I can't seem to find time to post anymore... can't imagine why ;-), but I needed to share this!

This Wednesday is the LAST STEP in our adoption process! We get to go to to court on Wednesday and the boys names will be legally changed to Cody Daniel Cassady and Brandon Thomas Cassady!!! As of Wednesday, the boys are legally ours and our process of adopting them is OVER!!!! We have really had a great experience in the adoption process and one day hope to do it again, but it is something I am glad to see come to an end as the boys have always felt like ours, but now it is official, legally speaking too! We will go to court and the judge will ask a few questions, then papers will be signed and it will all be official! We will forever celebrate this day, February 23rd, with the boys as their "Gotcha Day." Cody is lucky as his birthday is the 25th, so he'll always get double partying his birthday week :-)

I will try to post the pics we take from the day as I know I will want to share with all my blogging buddies who have stuck with us through the ups and downs of this journey we've been on. Can't wait to share and be thinking of us Wednesday!!!