Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 30 Days!

What is Happy 30 Days you say? Well, in our adoption world today is a BIG day! Today is officially the end of our "30 day visit" and tomorrow our lawyer will officially file for adoption with the court system! That means hopefully by February 23rd our court date and "gotcha day" will be here and the boys will legally be Cassady's. To us, and most of the people around us, they have always been Cassady's, but this makes it legal. The boys birth certificates will change to show Adam and I as birth parents, which we find funny since we weren't dating when we would've had Cody and weren't married when we would have had Brandon! :-) We are changing their middle names to family names, which the boys seem to LOVE! Cody will be Cody Daniel since that is Adam's middle name and he is the oldest and Brandon will be Brandon Thomas for my grandfather who was John Thomas.

The other day a friend of mine from work said she went through and read all of my posts up until the last one and she said she sat there and cried. I thought, hmmm, I think I need to do that to. (Not cry, but read all about our story) I went through last night and read everything until today. All I can say is God is amazing and if anyone doesn't believe in miracles and God's work, just read our journey. I know women who give birth naturally say you forget all the pain when you hold your child for the first time and I feel the same way. I had almost forgotten the pain we endured along our journey, but I am so glad I had posts to remind me of how great God is. I admit sometimes I think of all the "firsts" I missed, like first words, steps, losing teeth, etc. but I am experiencing some amazing firsts right now. I will never forget the first time the boys told us they loved us or the first time they both called me Mama and Adam Daddy. Those are more precious to me than anything in this world. Now, we aren't the Partridge Family or anything and everything isn't perfect, or even near perfect every day, and we are learning as we go, but I wouldn't trade where I am right now for ANYTHING in this world. God knew there were 2 boys who needed love and a home and he knew there was a couple who desired a family above everything and He made it happen beyond our wildest dreams.

People keep saying 'you know you'll get pregnant now' and if that is God's will, great, but if not, I have MORE than I could ever have asked for or deserve. We are still on the waiting list and are keeping our files up-to-date if another child comes along and we feel that is right for our home and our boys, eventually we might add to the Cassady Chaos. But right now, we are content and feel blessed beyond anything our hearts ever desired.

So, Happy 30 Days Cody and Brandon Cassady! You have made Daddy and Mama the happiest, luckiest, most loved people in the world!

PS. This is how we celebrated, Daddy and Uncle Drew put up the new basketball goal and Brandon finally got to play with his Metal Detector he got for his birthday!

Our posing Little Man

I hope he is finding a great treasure out there!

Our future Basketball Star ;-)

Uncle Drew and Cody trying to beat Daddy. Not sure how that is working out!


  1. I will always hold your adoptive journey close to my heart, as it was perhaps the first time I truly realized how perfect God's timing is and how perfect His work is. God was working this situation out even before you and Adam were is amazing when you think about it!!! Your journey puts into perspective how God is working to direct our lived, how He has a plan for us before we are ever aware of where our journey will take us...before we ever pray for Him to answer our prayers. It humbles me to tears and causes me to life Him up in praise. I love you all!!! Happy 30 Days, Cody and Brandon:)

  2. This one post made me cry, so I can't imagine what I would do if I read the whole journey again!!!! Happy 30 Days!!!!

  3. Okay, seriously! I cry every time I read a new entry. How long is this gonna last? :) I LOVED this post and I love watching your little family at church. It just melts my heart. I'm so glad I get to watch your little family grow and that our boys get to grow up together. Happy 30 Days Cassadys!!!!!!!

  4. I can't belive it's been 30 days already! Time flies when you are having fun:)

  5. What an amazing post and one amazing family!! We love you guys so much and think that the Cassady Boys are 2 awesome kiddos! Love you guys!

  6. this post! Brought tears to my eyes! Love those sweet boys and your sweet family! I will be glad when it is all legal, but they have been Cassadys to me since the beginning. Seriously, could they look anymore like Adam?

  7. I was your Block II student in the spring of 2009, and I am so glad to have found your blog. Just to let you know on one of our many snow days a few weeks ago I read your entire story, and cried my eyes out. Your story is so sweet and precious! I was talking with my best friend and telling her one of the teachers that I worked with had adopted right before Christmas and about reading your story. She said no way, a little boy in her daughters class and his brother had been adopted right before Christmas could it be him. Low an behold it was! She was so happy, and I talked about how wonderful you were. Just thought I would let you know :) Can't wait to hear more of your story.